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I am Dzowit- an artist!
Wood, metal, jewelry, fabrics, paper, calligraphy and lettering are my thing!

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Deco Brush 10 Metallic Permanent Markers

The best Metallic Brush pens.


New product from KARIN brand

Able to write on nearly any surface.

I tested them on glass, porcelain, wood, white and black paper, plastic and foil. 

The effects can be seen in this video:

I have been testing them for over a week and these are the best metallic brush pens I had, Polish brand, low price, 9 colours, full coverage and super glossy! They can ship them all over Europe.


✅ Soft and elastic tip allowing for thin or thick lines.

✅ Dispenser holds 2.4 ml of ink, and allows you to use every bit of it.

✅ Full coverage on every surface.

✅ Different look, depending what paper was used.

✅ Low price.

✅ High quality.

✅ They don’t spill.

✅ Ease of use on all surfaces.

✅ They don’t get stuck.

✅ Suitable for Brush Lettering, Lettering and Modern Calligraphy.



❌ Only few colours.

❌ Seller doesn’t ship outside Europe.

Pro Tip:

▶ Degrease the surface before you start writing, cleaned surface gives more grip and ink will not spill all over and will stay in its place.

▶ Store them in a horizontal position.

▶ Shake before use.

▶ You can spray the drawing with varnish it will make the writing permanent and waterproof. Now your new cup can be washed in a dishwasher and the design will stay intact.  It is available on the producent website.

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