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Category: Reviews

Deco Brush 10 Metallic Permanent Markers

The best Metallic Brush pens.


New product from KARIN brand

Able to write on nearly any surface.

I tested them on glass, porcelain, wood, white and black paper, plastic and foil. 

The effects can be seen in this video:

I have been testing them for over a week and these are the best metallic brush pens I had, Polish brand, low price, 9 colours, full coverage and super glossy! They can ship them all over Europe.


✅ Soft and elastic tip allowing for thin or thick lines.

✅ Dispenser holds 2.4 ml of ink, and allows you to use every bit of it.

✅ Full coverage on every surface.

✅ Different look, depending what paper was used.

✅ Low price.

✅ High quality.

✅ They don’t spill.

✅ Ease of use on all surfaces.

✅ They don’t get stuck.

✅ Suitable for Brush Lettering, Lettering and Modern Calligraphy.



❌ Only few colours.

❌ Seller doesn’t ship outside Europe.

Pro Tip:

▶ Degrease the surface before you start writing, cleaned surface gives more grip and ink will not spill all over and will stay in its place.

▶ Store them in a horizontal position.

▶ Shake before use.

▶ You can spray the drawing with varnish it will make the writing permanent and waterproof. Now your new cup can be washed in a dishwasher and the design will stay intact.  It is available on the producent website.

Pentel Touch Sign Pen – First impression

A handful of facts:

Brush pens from Pentel are available in 12 vibrant colors: yellow, yellow ochre, orange, sky blue, blue, violet, gray, black, pink, red, brown and green.
They are intended for regular words just like Tombow Fudenosuke.
Pentel Touch Sign Pen are water-based and are neither waterproof nor complementary.
The price of one is about EUR 3. You can buy them on pieces or in a set.

First impression:

Brush pens are solidly made, nothing sticks out, it does not crumble, it is not loose. The housings are handy, shiny they are well-kept. They are not too long, their height is 13 cm, so they will calmly fit into all standard pencil cases.
Very basic, vivid colors. I hope Pentel will go with the flow and enlarge the collections with other more interesting colors (shades).
The black color is opaque, well pigmented which is a big plus! I compared the intensity of this color with the black Tombow Fudenosuke soft and the Pentel gets much better, its color is more intense and deeper. However, one should remember the fundamental difference between the two brush pens – the Tombow is waterproof, the Pentel is not.


I would compare the hardness of the tip to Tombow Fudenosuke soft, and sometimes between hard and soft.
However, its tip is shorter, which gives more control over the brush pen. I noticed that in my set, for example, yellow is the hardest of all.

Ideally suited for regular words, which I checked in my worksheets for learning brush lettering.
As a Tombow Fudenosuke owner I enjoy having a Pentel Touch Sign Pen, now I can write smaller words also in color! I write smoothly and pleasantly, I could risk saying that writing with them is more pleasant than with Tombow. Yes, that’s what I wrote.


I used three different papers for tests. 70gms, 80gsm and 160gsm.
As far as I don’t care about the ghosting, because I use brush pens mainly on separate pages, not in notebooks, I know that you care more, especially if you use your pens in Bullet Journal or notebooks.

At 70gsm, Pentel was a little bit over to the other side, I think if I wrote slowly, it could get through completely creating stains. I must add that despite the small weight, this paper is quite durable for various media.

At 80gsm, the ink pierces only in a few places, very gently, but the ghosting appears and much stronger than with 70gsm paper.

At 160gsm, the thickest of the papers, there is no ink penetration, while the delicate ghosting remained.
Even with such thick paper as 160gsm, the ghosting is visible. The conclusion is obvious – the Pentel releases quite a lot of ink to the tip.


I have tested them on several types of paper, but they melt (bleed) almost on all of them. On some papers more, on others almost imperceptibly, but still. With the smoothest paper 160gsm, the ink dissipated the most. I also noticed that the black color spells the least, pink – the most. I do not know to what extent this is the case (proportions of ingredients) and in what rule.


Due to the fact that they are based on water, they blend well and mix with each other, one can also take a color by dipping the tip, eg in ecoline liquid watercolor or by contacting two brush pens with each other.

In summary, they are neat, well-made, solid, perfect for regular brush pen words that are worth having in your collection. Bah! Even the must-believe, lightness of use, that’s what you’ll love in them!

Cons: I do not see any major ones yet. Only the color palette is quite poor compared to other brands. However, this is just my feeling.


The review was in no way sponsored or linked to cooperation with Pentel.