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Category: Brush Lettering

What is brush lettering?

What is brush lettering?

To explain to you what brush lettering is, I have to start from the beginning.

First there was the Mother Calligraphy. This mother was already quite old, but she was still fascinated by people who willingly visited her and enjoyed her well-being. Mother Calligraphy had many children, among others copperplate or italica.
The children had children and so they all aged with time. Their rules and traditions have been passed down from generation to generation.
However, one day a child was born – unruly, who did not want to adopt family rules. She was called Modern Calligraphy.
Modern Calligraphy was spontaneous and she did not want to live according to the rules of her ancestors and when she grew up she decided to introduce her own rules and start a family. She married Lettering and they had their children. Brush Lettering is one of them.*

Well, that is, we already know that brush lettering is a type of lettering that originates from modern calligraphy, which has much less rules than traditional calligraphy.

So what is lettering?

Lettering is a graphic form of text. Do you associate these wonderful quotes or funny sayings in different fonts and combined with each other? This is the lettering, we can do it digitally or manually.
There are also hand lettering, that is, words that look / stylized handwriting. However, do not confuse it with handwriting. Lettering is a graphic and the words you write are really drawn, laid out and thought out.
Brush Lettering is therefore an element that can create a graphic image of a lettering or a separate creation.

Here is a sketch of the lettering graphics, using different fonts, the word ‘brush’ will be made brush pen.

Finished project here.

How do we distinguish brush lettering from other forms?

Brush lettering is done with a brush pen, which is a pen with a brush or flexible tip, which helps us to get thin and thick lines – these lines define the style of writing.
The rule does not have much here, the only basic is the specific thickness of the strokes. When we line up, the line should be thin, the line going down – thick. We obtain them through pressure and tip control.

In this post I introduced you to the basic concepts and answered the question “What is brush lettering?” In the following you will learn much more. If you want to deepen your knowledge now, I invite you to my YouTube channel, where, among other things, I make a review of the brush pen! CLICK

* The fairytale about Mother Calligraphy will briefly illustrate the location of the brush letter in the calligraphic world. If you have a different opinion confirmed by facts and the source, I invite you to the discussion. I described it as I see it.