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Welcome to Dzowit Designs

I am Dzowit- an artist!
Wood, metal, jewelry, fabrics, paper, calligraphy and lettering are my thing!

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My Story

I’m Dzowit. I can call myself an artist – why? Because I create!

I’ve always been one. As a little girl, I took the direction of becoming a fashion designer, I even had a small sewing machine.

I graduated from high school in this field of study, but still decided to do something more. Too many things attract me to close myself only in fabrics and knitwear (well, unless we’re talking about a human burrito in a blanket – yes, always at any time)

There is a conviction that if someone is good in everything, it is really nothing – but what can I do if other materials, such as metal, wood, paper or ceramics, fascinate me and we get along?

That’s why a place like this was created: Dzowit Designs, which will combine all my passions and interests.

Why limit yourself, how can you grow?

Who I Am


25 level, Girl, Polish, Ireland based

My Faves
Watercolors, Brush Pens Ecoline, Pastels and Burgundy colors, Disney Channel, Donald Duck Foreva, white gel pen, Urban Sketching, nibs and thrillers.
My Style
“Live” I like to create here and now. I am impatient and rarely start out with a pencil. It does not mean that I do not use draft sketches at all, but I change my mind so often that it creates tons of smearing. I like a strong line and its repetition. I’m not afraid of it.
Gold Tip
Don’t create in anger. You will only be frustrated when something does not come out and you start to doubt yourself. If you are angry, go back to bed and indulge in a TV show, absorbing the whole season. I guarantee that after about the 4-5 episode you will forget that you were not in the mood!

A place like any other?

This is not just a shop with my projects, it is also a blog where I will share my knowledge and experience it with you. Or maybe we’ll exchange them with each other?

It is worth drawing from various sources.

I also run a YouTube channel and an Instagram account, which is mainly my portfolio, but also on ista stories I add reviews of art products, writings and brush pens. If you want to see what brush lettering looks like, then instagram is a good place. Check it out here:

If you are one of those people who, instead of having a finished product, have come here for inspiration and learning, then I encourage you to read the blog entries here

and to visit “Learn with me” tab here

There you will find strictly learning materials.

I tend to say:

Everything can be learned and there is no such thing as I can’t.

As long as I remember my mom repeated:

A person learns their whole life.

You have to listen to her because she is a wise woman! (And I don’t know from who she stole this saying, but it’s true, right?)

I hope this site will provide you with entertainment and learning. I’m not a professor (yet), but I’m a good observer and an active artist and I want to give you this observation and advice!